Infrastructure Technologies

Infrastructure Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd (“ITL”) is focussed on the development and production of an innovative range of water management products

ITL’s suite of products can be used for a wide range of applications:

ITL Aquaseal

ITL Aquaseal is a concrete remediation system, polymer cementitious based to be utilised on upgrading and improving concrete water infrastructure.

ITL Aqualiner

ITL Aqualiner is a polymer-cementitious coating bonded to a woven/nonwoven geofabric, and is intended to perform as a waterproof concrete liner.

ITL Sewer Tough

ITL Sewertough has been designed to remediate degraded concrete infrastructure within the network of wastewater management that has been degraded by the effects of biogenic sulphur attack.

ITL Acid Coat

ITL Acid Coat is used to remediate degraded concrete infrastructure which is exposed to mildly acidic vapours or solutions, eg, wine, fruit juice and other food processing by-products.


Infrastructure Technologies Australia (ITL) business is the provision of engineered technical solutions for infrastructure owners requiring critical containment requirements.

ITL’s technology is focussed on polymer-cement based products which are used in the remediation of existing concrete structures, or in the development of new infrastructure construction.

Using ITL’s products will enhance hydraulic efficiency by reducing leakages and provide a cost- effective alternative to traditional concrete structures.

ITL Aqualiner is a polymer cementitious coated geofabric which forms an impermeable liner capable of handling potable water or waste water streams such as sewage.

ITL Aquaseal, ITL Sewer Tough and ITL Acid Coat can be utilised for remediation of existing concrete structures for both water and waste water streams and can be used in conjunction with ITL Polyfill to mortar degraded or cracked structures.

ITL products are tested to the appropriate standards in a NATA laboratory and meet the Euro standard DIN 19573 for Hydrogen Suplhide corrosion.

Development and R&D for ITL products is undertaken in collaboration with a global chemical company, and bespoke solutions can be developed and tested for purpose in all major regions.

Who is ITL – Infrastructure Technologies?

Infrastructure Technologies (Australia) Pty Ltd (ITL) business is the provision of engineered technical solutions to infrastructure owners contractors and consulting engineers to provide critical containment solutions.

The solutions provide asset owners with the ability to remediate existing structures or form part of new infrastructure construction.

The ITL Solution

ITL Aqualiner, a polymer-cementitious coated geofabric, which forms a waterproof liner, and ITL Aquaseal, ITL Sewer Tough and ITL Acid Coat which is a suite of polymer cement products which are used to remediate existing concrete structures.
The products can be used in combination.

Some of the companies we have recently worked with:

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