ITL Aqualiner

ITL Aqualiner is a polymer-cementitious coating bonded to a woven/nonwoven geofabric, and is intended to perform as a waterproof concrete liner. The hydrostatic head tested to 50 metres.

ITL Aqualiner has excellent mechanical properties, durable, robust and self-extinguishing (will not sustain fire).

The liner design incorporating the geotextiles allows the liner to be laid on potentially damaging sub-grades, with strong multi-axial properties and excellent elongation.

The liner can be maintained, repaired and modified throughout its service life ( 20+ years ) without specialist labour or equipment.
ITL Aqualiner resists mechanical, human and fauna trafiic

Potential applications include:

  • Lining irrigation channels
  • Civil engineering uses including erosion control, culverts, embankments, beeching capping.
  • Dam lining, including those with rocky substrates
  • Agricultural dams, stock races and stockyard lining
  • Flood gates and flood mitigation
Concrete Channel And Storage
Water Storage And Pond Linings

Aqualiner Attributes

ITL Aqualiner is a polymer – cementitious coating bonded to a woven/non-woven geofabric, and is intended to perform as an water proof concrete liner.
It is flexible and the properties allow the liner to conform and move with the substrate without cracking.
The design incorporates cushioning geotextile for lining potentially damaging subgrades.

It resists mechanical, human and fauna traffic and the water proof membrane has a 10+ year life.

It is AS4020 certified (for potable water applications), non-flammable (passes UL94) and integrates easily into existing headwalls, pipe penetrations tank and containment structures.

It is easily repaired and maintained infield.

Earthen Irrigation Channels
 Erosion And Drainage Control

The Applications

Concrete channel and storage remediation.
Water storage and pond linings.
Earthen irrigation channels and concrete aqueducts.
Erosion and drainage control.