ITL Polyfill Data Sheet

Product Description

ITL Polyfill is a polymer-modified, single component, cementitous grout/repair mortar.

It provides a rapid hardening, low density, robust quality mortar. ITL Polyfill enables easy high build trowel or spray application for the structural repair of voids and rendering of both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The product is supplied as a single component system ready for onsite mixing, only requiring the addition of clean water.

Key Benefits

  • Pre-packed, easy to use
  • Consistency achieved by quality control
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • High build non-slump application (> 20mm)
  • High bond strength to concrete substrate
  • Contains no chloride
  • Finished surface supports ITL Aquaseal

Surface Preparation
It is essential that the surface of the concrete to be repaired is sound, clean and free of contamination.

Damaged areas should be identified and clearly marked. The edges of the area should be saw cut by keeping the repaired area as square as possible.
Remove all rust from steel reinforcement bars by wire brush if necessary, the use of approved priming slurry should be applied to the reinforcement or a zinc rich anti-corrosion agent may be used on the steel bars without affecting performance of ITL Polyfill.


ITL Polyfill Technical Data

Cement Grey
Pot Life
At 20°C, 50% humidity
2 hours
Compressive Strength 28 days
6.0 MPa
Flexural Strength 28 days
3.0 MPa
Pull-off Adhesion Strength (PCS-3LV) 28 days
1.0 MPa


After application; leave for 24 hours in reasonable dry weather before coating with ITL Aquaseal.


ITL Polyfill should be stored at room temperature (min 8°C and max 40°C), kept dry and out of direct sunlight. If these conditions are maintained and the product packaging is unopened, then a shelf life of 3 months can be expected.

Mixing Instruction

ITL Polyfill is mixed either by hand or mechanical mixing. Put 3 litres of water into the mixer and slowly add ITL Polyfill powder until a smooth, well mixed mortar is formed. Maximum water content is 20% by volume for 20kg bag.


Health and Safety

ITL Polyfill should only be used as directed. It is always recommend the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is carefully read prior to application of the material. Recommendations for protective equipment should be strictly adhered to for your personal protection. The MSDS is available upon request from ITL or its representative.

This document is available as a pdf also.