Do you need a tough, flexible and long lasting waterproofing liner?

Then you should definitely consider Aqualiner, which has exceptional longevity, service life and durability, and can be laid on a variety of surfaces. The hydrostatic head has been tested to 50 metres.

What applications is ITL’s Aqualiner suitable for?

Aqualiner is great for a range of applications, including:

  • Lining irrigation channels
  • Civil engineering uses including erosion control, culverts, embankments, beeching capping.
  • Dam lining, including those with rocky substrates
  • Agricultural dams, stock races and stockyard lining
  • Flood gates and flood mitigation
  • Sewage treatment facilities

ITL Aqualiner is manufactured in Australia and is delivered to site, ready install.
Unlike other products it does not require hydration on site, the cement has been cured in-factory.


What is Aqualiner?

Aqualiner is a flexible polymer-cementitious coating bonded to a woven/non woven geofabric, that performs exceptionally as a waterproof concrete liner.

This is why we call it Aqualiner

Outstanding features of Aqualiner include that it is:

  • Effective in limiting or eliminating water loss
  • Able to be laid on a range of surfaces – including uneven rocky substrates
  • A cost effective solution compared to other options
  • Effective at improving substrate stability and limiting erosion
  • Helps to increase hydraulic efficiency



How long does ITL Aqualiner last?

Aqualiner has a service life of 20+ years, during which time it can be maintained and repaired without any specialist equipment or knowledge. It is also durable enough to withstand and resist sustained mechanical, human and fauna traffic over its surface. This is in stark contrast to common plastic liners, such as HDPE, which degrade when exposed to UV light. In contrast Aqualiner is not dependent on the retention of additives or antioxidants for its long-term stability.

In terms of maintenance we recommend a regular visual inspection program to ensure liner integrity. If small punctures occur one only need re-apply the coating, or if the geotextile is punctured or torn the fabric and the coating can be reapplied.

What results do you achieve with ITL Aqualiner?

A variety of clients have reported positive results after installing Aqualiner. This includes:

  • Southern Rural Water used Aqualiner to seal a leak in a 1.5km section of an irrigation channel in Victoria. This helped to stabilise the bank and restore flow and hydraulic efficiency to the channel.
  • We also demonstrated the capabilities of using Aqualiner to an irrigation scheme in Western NSW. The objective was to improve water loss and upgrade the efficiency of the scheme. It helped make the hydraulic design more efficient, and improved flow rate and reduced water losses.

How can I start working with you?

It is as easy as getting in touch with either:

Steve Aggenbach
Technical Services Manager
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Greg Haustorfer
General Manager
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