A Better Way to Manage Erosion Control in Australia

Erosion control matting in Australia from ITL may be the perfect solution for your soil erosion in Australia. Our permanent erosion control matting in Australia is ideal for locations where other erosion control measures simply will not hold up. Matting is easier to use than other methods and delivers unprecedented reliability.

ITl Aqua Liner Is the Answer

At Infrastructure Technologies we deliver the liner that will stop soil erosion in its tracks and keep it from happening in the future. With ITL you can rest assured that wherever you lay our matting, the soil is going to stay in place and be safe to build on. Our erosion control solutions in Australia help you to protect your assets. Our system can be used:

  • In rough terrain
  • In areas that are wet
  • To give long lasting results

ITL has developed the solutions for containment and to stop erosion. Our liner is waterproof and fire resistant. It helps to keep the soil where it needs to be without worry about shifts of the soil. Our solutions are favoured by engineers, builders, municipalities and property owners throughout Australia because we deliver the high-quality reliable solutions that you can depend on.

The ITL Difference

ITL develops the products that help engineers, contractors and property owners protect, contain and improve including our erosion matting. We have simplified the process of containing erosion problems. Our liner can be rolled out right over contours in the substrate, rocks and uneven terrain and will quickly conform to create a barrier that is tough and durable. You can expect years of functional support from our liner.

Contact us with questions about any of our products or to place an order we are always happy to help.