ITL Aquaseal

ITL Aquaseal is a concrete remediation system that is focused on upgrading and improving concrete water infrastructure.

ITL Aquaseal Concrete Remediation

The product range allows for repair, consolidation, hydrophobation and water proofing, with all products designed to be spray applied for maximum efficiency.

The application process involves cleaning, stabilising and patching deteriorated concrete structures using a proprietary filler and then overcoating the entire surface with ITL Aquaseal.

This coating retains elastomeric properties that enables it to bridge cracks.

The ITL Aquaseal system has been proven to dramatically improve the water holding capabilities of aged concrete water infrastructure.

Aquaseal Concrete Remediation

The system includes four products:

ITL Polyfill – repair mortar
ITL Aquaseal – cementitious waterproofing membrane
ITL Aquaseal Tough – high build, rigid waterproofing membrane
ITL Crème – silane treatment to protect concrete infrastructure from water ingress and chloride ion attack.

ITL Polyfill

Aqualseal Polyfill
  • A semi rigid concrete repair and filler mortar.
  • Designed to repair holes and fill cracks and gaps in aged concrete infrastructure.
  • Consolidates degraded surfaces.
  • Compressive strength in the range of 8 MPA at 21 days.
  • High flexural strength – 3.1 MPA at 21 days

ITL Aquaseal

Aquaseal Waterproofing Membrane
  • ITL Aquaseal, cementitious waterproofing membrane.
  • Designed to cover the surface of the infrastructure and dramatically improve water holding
  • capabilities.
  • Flexible, tough, UV resistant and crack bridging.
  • Hydrostatic head performance typically exceeds 5 bar.
  • Sprayable, skins within 4 hours, cures within 48 to 72 hours.

ITL Aquaseal Tough

Aquaseal Tough
  • High build, rigid waterproofing membrane.
  • Specifically designed for large areas.
  • For applications where lower overall hydrostatic head performance is required.
  • Economic alternative to Aquaseal.
  • Sprayable

ITL Créme

Itl Creme
  • Unique blend of Silane, Siloxanes and polymers.
  • Designed to protect concrete infrastructure from water ingress and chloride ion attack.
  • Hydrophobic, penetrating, breathable, water-based.
  • Consolidate surfaces and improves adhesive strength for subsequent repair mortar treatments.
  • Compatible with aged and new concrete surfaces.
Concrete Tanks
Irrigation Channels
Stormwater Drains

Aquaseal Applications

• Concrete tanks • Irrigation channels • Stormwater drains.