Stormwater Pond Liner in Australia from ITL

At ITL we develop solutions that deliver the value that our customers deserve. Our stormwater pond liners are a system that is easy to use, durable, cost effective and long lasting. ITL Aqualiner is a durable solution that is also fire resistant and will self-extinguish if exposed to fire.

The Ideal Application

Our system can be used on any substrate and it will contour to it. Rocks, pebbles, sandy areas, soil all of it can be covered with our stormwater product liners in Australia without any special prep work. What is the ideal application for our system?

  • Lining ponds
  • Managing potable water ponds
  • Lining agricultural ponds
  • Controlling stormwater runoff
  • Creating channels and dams
  • And more

You can use our system to line any pond with confidence whether it is for stormwater run-off or other pond water containment need. This fire resistant, waterproof liner reduces risk and increases safety and all the benefits are realized without the hassle of traditional concrete lining methods.

High Traffic Areas

Our system resists stress and strain from human traffic, fauna overgrowth and mechanical traffic. It is a durable solution that is flexible and conforms with the underlying substrate to help resist cracking and other damage. This waterproof concrete liner is the perfect solution for civil engineers, contractors and property owners that need to protect an asset from run-off from storm water.

It is Cost Saving

The liner can be maintained for over 20 years with confidence. Special skill sets nor tools are needed to make repairs to the liner should it be needed. It can also be modified without absorbing the cost of specialty labour.

Contact us to learn more about our pond lining system and how it can help to complete your project.